Tigger's Tails - March 2021

Hi Pals,
Woo hoo!
The warmer weather is getting nearer and the Government has started a four step plan to get us all out of lockdown.

This means all the businesses that have had to shut and sit on their paws for the last year can start trying to get back to work.
It also means I can get back out and about visiting dog friendly places and repawting on them.

Meeting up with pals will be great too, although looking at the plan, it will still be a few months away.

What are the first things you want to do when you can get out of lockdown?
What have you missed doing?
Are you keen to get back out and about when we are allowed to do so?
Or are you nervous after being in lockdown for so long?

You will have seen my recent announcements for my new product range of towels.
Every one will be personalized
Including personalized tea towels, so you don’t have to share with your humans when drying your bowls and other dishes BOL!
I will be adding to my range of towels and some gift sets.

Nose bump to you

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