Tigger's Tails - September 2021

Hi Pals,
It was pawsome to get out and about this month.
I noticed a lot more visitors to my local walking locations. Is it due to the increased number of humans holidaying in the UK rather than travelling abroad?
Or is it due to the increased demand for dogs during lockdown and they were now able to get out and about? Either way, I love the fact that I can get to meet so many new Pals.
I was initially worried about going out and about as I had been in lockdown for so long, I was worried I would go bat fink crazy at all Pals, like I used to. I need not have worried, I have enjoyed meeting everyone so far with only one or two sight grumbles.

Even the crazed puppy that was on lead that still managed to launch itself at me.
I greeted it with total calm and tried to play bow back but was unfortunately pulled back by my human who muttered something about not flattening puppies.
They spoil all of my fun BOL!

In other news, look out for my human helping out at Lilymoo Canine Couture’s stall at the North East Dog Festival in Ponteland on the 4th and 5th of September.

Nose bump to you

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