Tigger's Tails - October 2021

Hi Pals,
There is a lot of excitement here at Tigger Club News this month.

I was able to reach a paw out to Dick King-Smith’s family and now have permission to add all of their books to my On The Book shelf section.
How pawsome is that?
Well actually it is more pawsome to me than most realise.

From the first time I picked up one of his books I knew I wanted to write too.

Dick King - Smith was one of a few great writers I read as a pup, well I thought they were all great writers, but he was the one that showed it was possible.
I know I am nowhere in the same league as Dick King-smith but it is a great personal moment for me.

Who knows, Dick King-Smith’s family may even get to read this newspaper.

I may even be able to change my status from almost nearly famous to nearly famous!
Woo Hoo!
Nose bump to you

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