Notions from a newshound - October 2021

I was sitting here thinking of a topic to write about that you all might be interested in. Of course as usual with the deadline looming, I am thinking of everything and nothing at the same time.

Then it struck me!
After all, the whole idea to start a newspaper was that I could write a column in it. I realised I have been writing for 4 years and do no more of a quick scribble on page 2.
So here it is, the start of what I meant to do from the very first very own column. I know that probably reeks of self indulgence, but who else is going to publish it? BOL!
It could be about anything, and I do mean anything, so grab a chew and enjoy my ramblings.

How much preparation does a human put into an adventure?
I am usually testing out one of my many beds when my human rushes into the room with my harness and lead in one hand and a random piece of clothing from my furshion drawer. They put on my clothing and harness but don’t attach the lead yet.

I then go lie in my bed, because I have seen this routine before. My human spends the next twenty minutes getting ready. Often including several trips up and down the stairs. Once they are ready they check the doors and windows are locked before we leave.
Or should I say, as we almost leave. We are now standing on the inside of the (shut) front door while my human suddenly decides to do another pre exit check to check we have the essentials before the point of no return - phone, keys, poop bags, walking bag etc.
Just as they reach for the door handle they look down and realise I am not attached to my lead. This usually signals a five minute hunt for the lead, even though there is a drawer beside us with several suitable alternative leads in it.

Once the lead is firmly clipped to my harness we are ready. I wait calmly as I know this whole process can get abandoned at any point before we leave. The front door is opened and we step outside. One last frenzied patting of pockets to check we have the keys before the door is shut behind us.
The car is unlocked and I jump into the back seat and get secured in.
The door is shut and my human rushes back into the house to get the walking bag they put down to clip on my lead.

The front door is locked again, checked and my human finally gets into the car.
As soon as I hear the engine start I know we can start our adventure at last. BOL!
Til next month

Tags: Tigger's Tails, Repawter