Tigger's Tails - November 2015

I went to see if I had a second breakfast, imagine my shock to discover my bowl was missing.

My human was washing it and my water bowl again.
I lick my bowl clean after every meal but my human says that is not clean enough.
My human has just cleaned the kitchen floor. I will go and see how clean the got it.
Hey human! The floor is not clean! It has marks all over it, you need to clean this properly. I can see loads and loads of marks all over it as I walk aro.....

Perhaps if I go play with my rope in the sitting room they might not notice.

I checked it wasn't raining before I let my human take me for my walk today.
After aboit 20 minutes it started to rain. I tried to turn back but my human said we may as well finish the walk first

So if you were out today you may have seen me trying to drag my human around a very soggy walk.

Oh no !!! My human is experimenting with food again 

Tonight it is kangaroo burgers.
Judging from the smell of them while they cook I hope my human loves them and eats them all up. 
Unfortunately I got a burger too.

I wasn't sure so I sniffed it first. When I tasted it I am happy to say it tastes far better than it smelt while it was being cooked  

After 9 months of trying with some near attempts, today was the day I lay down and let my human brush me.
It was so relaxing.
I was brushed for about 5 minutes without me freaking out and trying to run away.

Now my human just has to work out how to brush my other side.
Luckily I have short hair or I would look like a before and after photo