May 2015

I was at the vets today getting my second jab. I was a real trooper and did not cry

I got my leg checked out too.
I was zooming about the house earlier this week and hurt my leg.
The vet said something about a crewsh.. crusi... muscle thing.
I got some pain killers but have to stop zooming around and short walks only.
Good luck to my humans while they try to stop me zooming in the house


I had my first day at school today and had fun but my human was kept busy
Don't know what I was supposed to be doing but I got to meet new furpals and we all had fun.
Our humans had plenty of treats so we were all well fed.
The trainer even had a full plate of yellow squares of heaven - awesome !!!

Can't wait until next week... yeah !!!
Been a hard day at work today. Had to eat half a packet of fridge raiders. I have also been training the other staff here. They know to bring treats or they get paw prints on their clothes

Its raining white things my human says they are hailstones. I thought solid rain was supposed to be in winter?
Has someone changed the year around?

Had school again today. My human sald I was much better behaved. I was allowed zoomies in the sand area too and my leg didn't hurt so it must be getting better