Tigger's Tails - August 2015

Guess what I did last night?
No...I didn't break my splint again BOL!

I let my human brush me. I was very tensed up and ready to run, but I was good and sat still

I had a real fright and and an emegency rush to the vet.
With my broken toe and splint I am not allowed outside offlead.
Today however I managed a dash for freedom into the back garden. I did some mad dashing and spinny turns and that is when it happened !!!
I mid spin and suddenly I felt a massive pain in my leg. I screamed in agony an lifted my leg off the ground.
My human saw my leg hanging limp and in an unusual way. 

Both my humans were at home, which I think was a good thing as my main human was really upset and panicking.
My human carried me to the car and I let out a small scream of pain being put into the car.

We got to the vet and my human carried me into thebuilding and kept holding me until the vet could see me. Considering I am 19 kilos at the minute that was not an easy thing for them.

I was handed over to the vet like a huge parcel and the took me to the treatment area, leaving my humans to worry in the waiting room.

After what felt like ages I reappeared at the waiting room doorway wagging my tail and trying to jump at my humans in relief.

In my mad spinny and zooming about time I had twisted so quickly that my splint had stayed still and my leg had twisted around. This had pushed the hard edge of the spilnt into my nearly healed toe which was sore. So every time I move it pushed on my toes and hurt me.

My humans were so relieved that I had not broke my leg. So I am back at home now feeling a bit silly and embarrassed  

Only three more weeks of short walks and I will be allowed long proper walks again Yeah!!