Tigger's Tails - June 2017

I was rudely woken up this morning with a torrential downpour outside and very loud thunder.

Even though I was now awake I decided to wait to send my morning wee-mails BOL !

Trying to keep cool in this heat is pretty tough.
Although being stretched out on the sofa chillin' and having my human come over with a damp towel to drape over me was definitely a great signal for me to move very fast.
I don't know what got into them but I was quite comfortable. Humans !!

My human went to the shop for me as it was too hot for me to walk outside.
They returned with the best thing ever.... blueberry Frozzys.

I went to St Mary's Lighthouse today with my human and met up with Strawberry and her human. The tide was out so we were able to walk onto the island where the lighthouse is. 
It was a great day, apart from when I was sniffing around and got a cobweb on my face. This is where humans come in handy.


I have managed to get 1300 followers on twitter...woo hoo !

Unfortunately I have managed to destroy my kong wubby. Although it is destroyed I has managed to survive 6 months with me, so it was a lot tougher than it looked.


I managed to take my humans for a walk to Northumberlandia in between showers.
Apparently there were swans and other wildlife but I never saw any.


As I have had issues with walking in groups and always either walked with my human or walked with my furpal, today my human said I was ready to meet up and try walking with other furpals.
So I met up with 5 other new furpals who were aware of my difficulties and stayed on lead for the meet up.
I was a bit overwhelmed for the first few minutes but once I relaxed my human allowed me to get closer to everyone and have a great controlled meet and greet.
We went for a walk together managing to walk beside one of my new furpals and even sat together after the walk.
There are only 4 of us in the second picture but with 3 humans with cameras, we never made it easy for them to take photos BOL!