Tigger's Tails - December 2015

After 9 months of trying with some near attempts, today was the day I lay down and let my human brush me. It was so relaxing.

I was brushed for about 5 minutes without me freaking out and trying to run away.
Now my human just has to work out how to brush my other side.
Luckily I have short hair or I would look like a before and after photo  

Ok after being good yesterday I think I am getting on my human's nerves.
I noticed my human trying to have an afternoon nap on the sofa so I rushed up and shoved my cold wet nose under their neck and tried pushing until I managed to fit all of myself on the sofa.
My human never complained, but now that I have done it three times I think I better quit as my human is now wide awake and giving me a stern look BOL !

After an exciting visit to my humans' family for Christmas dinner and doing zoomies in their big garden, I am having a very relaxed day on the sofa..