June 2015

I got to stay home with my other human today. I had great fun playing the open the door game

There was a buzzy in the house so I tried to save my humans by getting it.
I knocked the table with their cups on and ran over them both on the sofa.
I chased the buzzy away and I saved them.
They don't seem to be that grateful that I saved them.
Humans are strange  

Yeah the sun is shining 
Looks like it's going to be a good day for my sponsored walk today.
I will make sure my humans take a camera so there are loads of pictures of me!!.... I mean pictures of the walk  

Had my school again today.
I started with zoomies in the sand area. Then Chase's human and my human decided we could run riot in the sand area together. I did zoomies around Chase because he couldn't keep up and then we had some play fighting.
Sorry Chase's human, you kept being in the wrong place when I was trying to turn at the end of my zoomies. Hope your legs aren't too bruised  

Oh the shame 
I was at the gate and was sure I could get through. My pointy nose fit through fine but then my shoulders were too wide. When I tried to get out I found my head is only pointy in one direction.
I had to shout for my human to let me out.

Had a busy day today.
Went to a doggy fun day where my humans bought me some yummy home made biscuits.
Then I went for a walk along the sand dunes.
I am home now catching up on well deserved Zzzzz while my humans cook dinner. I can smell mince Yummy!

At school today I was really good indoors as I hardly got distracted by other dogs.
Outside however, well lets just say its working progress