Tigger's Tails - July 2015

Oh no what is that? Its loud and scary.
My human says it is thunder. I definitely don't like thunder

Had my first socialisation class today. I enjoyed it but it never went totally to plan. I am currently spending the night at the vets getting x-rays and sedation to find out if my toe is broken or dislocated.My humans are at home worrying about me but the vet has given me some wonderful pain killers so I am off to have some serious snoring........Bad news.. I broke my toe. I have had to spend a couple of days at the vet. I have just had my operation and will be monitored by the vets for a few more hours. Paws crossed that I can go home tonight .......Four days after my operation I am back at the vet. I chewed through my bandaging. I am now sporting a bright yellow bandage.......Back from the vet - yet again They were wonderful and very nice about my broken splint. Although they did say I have to make this one last longer than two days. I think the vet was edging her bets by saying 'See you tomorrow Tigger' as I was leaving even though she knows my next appointment is next week .......Feeling much better now. Had to be rushed up to the vet this morning. My human still doesn't talk dog but I told them something was not right. I managed to move my splint so it was digging into my hock. It's so much more comfortable now I feel a bit guilty that my human is now recognised by sight at the vet though

12th July
Today is the first day I am let loose to type stuff in my new website blog :)
I am still housebound and it was raining earlier, so definitely not one of my most energetic days. Bandages and water do not mix.

My humans are still getting over the sudden rush to the vets earlier this week when my bandage suddenly exploded cotton wool all over the sitting room! I tried to explain to my humans I was trying to put the cotton wool back in my bandage when they came into the room.

I am now wearing this rather unflattering sock over my bandage to stop it 'exploding' again.
18th July

It was raining again today so I entertained myself by keeping my human busy by playing with my toys.
Once it stopped raining I played the 'open the door' game, this is where I see how many times I can get my human to open the door before they say no.

20th July
I think I am getting the hang of this website thing :)
Let me know if there is anything not working properly or if you cannot read or see anything.