Tigger's Tails - October 2015

Out on my walk today we visited the doggy supermarket.
I got a crocodile chew to keep my teeth healthy.
The walk there was easy but walking back my human had fun trying to keep me from getting to the chew before I got home lol.

It may have been sunny today but it was a bit cold outside. If it is going to be a very cold winter I think I will try to hibernate this year

3rd October
I am trying to add dog events, shows and organised dog walks to my diary. Or even events that dogs are welcome.
So if you are organising an event, show or walk please let me know so I can add it here for everyone.
When I get time I will add a dedicated page for all events.

11th October
I have been informed by friends that when they are looking on my website from a mobile they are unable to leave comments and the contact page is usable but difficult.
Apologies if you are using mobile and I am working on fixing these issues.

24th October
I helped my human clear up leaves today.
They swept them into a huge pile and I dived on them to scatter them around again :)

29th October
I definitely do not like fireworks. There are some being set off at night already.
Does anyone know of anything I, or my human, can do to stop me getting stressed out?