Tigger's Tails - 21st February 2016

I am going to stop helping my human wash the dishes.
They were stood at the sink washing the dishes when a small plate slipped out of their hands.
It bounced on the side of the sink then bounced off my head, finally breaking when it hit the floor.
I am now giving the full pitiful look at my humans while they feel guilty and give me treats and cuddles.

I have just discovered that chewing my kong in the right way causes it to squeak, which gets on my humans nerves BOL !
Guess what my new game is?

As I went out this morning it was cold but I just went out again and there is snow all over.
I was a bit afraid but went out.
It was so cold on my feet so after a quick runabout I will be hiding indoors where it is warm

It's my first gotcha day
I can't believe I have been with my forever humans for a whole year !