Tigger's Tails - August 2017

What can I say, it has been a fantastic two years (and a bit) to get me to this point.

I have tried to get attention of newspapers out there to try and get a column or even an occasional story printed. I have found that out there it is dog eat dog in the newspaper world.

After sniffing about and several good leads I realized I was chasing my tail and no one out there is really interested in a dog with no proven experience in the field.
So here I am writing this for you all from my very own newspaper.

I will be sniffing out news that may be of interest to you.

As this is the first edition it may be a little bit of a dog’s dinner but if you are patient with me the layout will change, not always for the better, but hopefully into a great format you will look forward to each issue . Perhaps you will even submit some content or give me a head’s up of a story to follow.

Thank you for reading

Nose bump to you