Tigger's Tails - March 2018

I am finding out that the life of a newshound is a very busy one.
Even though I am so busy I still have time to meet up with my pals for adventures.

9th March
Had a pawsome humother's day pawty Keel Row today with Strawberry, Kai &Co, Daragh & Coco, Violet, florence...plus all the humans.
I enjoyed bangers n mash with peas & gravy.
There was almost chaos when a few houndies tried to explore the rest of the pub on their own BOL!


20th March
Even during a busy day of work on the International Day of Happiness and The Day Dogs Broke Twitter I managed to find a rare sun puddle to have some me time!

23rd March
This is how this morning's conversation went with my human.

Human: Want to go out Tigger?
Me: Yeah! Where to?
Human: Somewhere new.
Me: Pawsome!

I was all excited all the way there until I realised it was the Vet !!
Really? There has to be some law against that !

Although it turned out to be just nail trimming, I think I need to be careful of unexpected adventure offers BOL!

26th March
Guess what time it is.....
.....Frozzys Time !!