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April 2020

Hi everypawdy!
We hope that all our friends have been staying safe and staying healthy.

We have heard Momma saying that to a lot of people, kitties, doggies… everyone that she talks to. It sounds like there must be some serious situation going on right now. It sounds scary for the humans…they are all going batty! We don’t wish any bad stuff to anyone. However, as long as we have our food, water, litter, toys, and entertainment…that is all that matters. Oh, and food for the birds and squirrels, too! We need that so we can watch our CatTV. Momma knows this. She is quite outnumbered, and does not want a mutiny or an “accident” to happen. If we’re not happy, then nobody is happy (or safe).

You know what…. Humans can learn a lot about self-care and about this “social distancing” stuff by paying attention to us cats! We are complete experts on these topics. We excel when it comes to isolation! It’s what we’re made for (well, except those big lion kitties).

We take excellent care of ourselves with little human intervention, and can survive on little to no human contact. Most cat slaves (humans) have taken on some of these isolating cat traits, simply from being around cats for so long. Our Momma has better night vision than most humans, she has excellent hearing, and she is quiet and stealthy like a ninja/cat. She’s been around cats for over 30 years…no wonder she’s part cat!

So, if any human is concerned about not being able to cope in these physically isolating times, just take a look at cat related anything on the internet.

Anything cat related is a great instructional video...for many aspects of human life. Plus, gazing upon our feline perfection and beauty is a great way to spend your spare time.

Until Next Month,

Yoda & CheezIt…

and the others


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