Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
March 2020

Hello to all our furry (and non furry) pals!
We have been keeping busy helping Momma around the house. Someone has to help her…because she has been really lazy lately.

Momma’s, also, not always “playing with a full deck”, if you know what we mean.

That underground thing that Momma says is a basement has been getting water in it a lot from the rain and snow that we have been having lately.
Momma gets all mad about it and complains. We don’t know what she’s complaining about…it’s fun down there with the big water puddles.

We have discovered that water is fun….when you know that you can’t be submerged in it! When Momma comes downstairs and sees us running, jumping, and playing in the puddles, she always says, “Get out of the water! It might be dirty! Don’t drink that! Stay out of the water because you’re going to make a mess upstairs!”

When she says not to make a mess, we like to run by her going up the stairs. It’s GREAT because then she sees little wet paw prints going up the stairs.

That really gets her going! It’s so funny. It’s great. It’s fun getting her all worked up!
Lucky for us, Momma has a landlord that is slow at fixing things. So we may have our little Kitty Pool down in the basement during the summer when it’s super hot outside.

Well, not that we go outside at all to actually physically feel the heat. But, we can use our little imaginations and pretend.

Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt