Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
February 2020

Hi Furriends!

We hope everyone has had a decent start to the new year.

Just an FYI…as of now, we have achieved a few of our new year goals. We have increased our food intake, our zoomies output, and our naptime.

We have had a bit of snow recently. Nothing that Momma has complained about too much. Her tone of voice is how we decipher whether something is good or bad. Then we decide if we care or not.

We have mentioned before about our CATTV…. Our new home has the best seating for watching squirrelies. Well, it could always be better….like actually being outside to catch, we mean watch those squirrelies (oops)!

Those little rascals tease us on purpose! It may have been an accident and unintentional at the beginning. But, now, they know that we can’t get to them because of that big, dumb, stupid window! They are so bold! They will come right up on the railing in front of our window seat, and twirl their bushy tail right in our faces! That is so rude! They get us all worked up. Our tails start swishing hard enough to make a breeze. We start tapping and pawing at the windows. They can’t fool us! We know that they know that they see us!

One day revenge will be ours!

Til next month,
Yoda and CheezIt (and the others)