Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
May 2020

Hi to all out furriends! We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy in their homes. But, if you can’t keep your humans home 100% because they have to go to work or go to the store, we hope they are able to do what they need to in order to stay safe. You need to keep those humans well…they are the ones who feed us!

We hope all the “pets” are taking good care of their humans, and helping them cope with all the nutty and crazy stuff going on in the world. Those humans, they can be very needy sometimes. That’s ok, though, as long as they reward us with some kind of appropriate treat (or extra quiet for extra nappies).

We have been helping our Momma. She got sick. So she has been very crabby (and kinda is looking like a grease ball bum). She is acting like our help isn’t good enough (pfft)! We try to do the laundry. It’s just really hard when you need at four pawsies for walking. Butter Bean is the biggest of us, and he can’t even carry that laundry basket (so what if the rest of us were sitting in the basket trying to navigate)! We try to clean our litter boxes. But that stuff is stinky! We try to clean up those furballs that fly around. But it’s hard catching those things because they just fly all over. We aren’t using that loud, noisy monster machine. That’s all we have been able to try to do. We don’t try to feed ourselves…because the last time we tried that, Momma got all loud saying we made a mess chewing holes in the bag. Some people are so ungrateful for any help! Seriously, she should know better….

Stay safe pals!!
Til next month, furriends,
Yoda & CheezIt (and the rest)