Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
June 2018

Hi everyone!

I’m Yoda, a ten year old chubby, orange and white boy.
My little brother, CheezIt, is a four year old fuzzy, orangey boy.

Our Momma took me in when I was a few months old.
A couple of kids came by her house asking if she wanted me (they just didn’t want me anymore…they thought I was a girl, too).
Momma then went to the shelter and adopted CheezIt last year.
I’m so glad she did because I needed someone to play with!

My other brother, Nugget, had passed away the year before…and Momma and I were getting lonely.

We have the best life here!
We can sleep whenever and wherever we want.

We have lots of toys to play with! We just don’t get nearly as much treats as we need….I mean deserve.

We are going to be telling you all about our kitty adventures, thoughts, and stuff like that.
There is lots of stuff that go through our kitty minds! We hope you enjoy what we have to bring you!

Until next month,

Yoda and Chezzlt