Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
August 2018

Hi everypawdy!

Yoda and CheezIt here to talk to you this month about Cat TV.
Cat TV is just what sounds like…entertainment for your kitties (just like people TV, only better).

It’s easy for doggies to be entertained because they get to go outside and see and smell stuff. Some cats do too.

We see lots of kitties that either go out on a leash, or even in a stroller. But not all get to do that....like us (because the big outside noises scare us).

We may act brave when we are inside snooping around. But if there is a loud sound we run and hide (well, Yoda does).
We want to see the outside critters, just not in a scary way.
We live in an a second floor apartment with our Momma, so she has to get a little more creative with our entertainment. Because a bored is a cat that is going to get in trouble (that’s us, anyway)!

Momma got bird feeders for us to try and catch the birdies. Well, she got them to feed the birds, and for us to watch the birds.

The birdfeeders we have stick to the window with suction cups. They actually stick really good. They have not fell down once.

The apartment people even said she could put a squirrel feeder in the tree by our window. So we can see squirrelies now, too!
All it takes is a nail to hang it up, and put an ear of corn in it. The squirrels tease us though. They look at us and bark.

We just wanted to give inside cats ideas to tell their parents about (it’s always good to share ideas).

This way every kitty can get a taste of the outside world without actually going out into that big, loud scary world.

Until next month,

Yoda and Chezzlt