Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
November 2018

Hey everyone!
Our furr-family has expanded, again. For the final time.
We are a family of four kitties now.
There is us, Yoda and CheezIt. There is Butter Bean, who is still recovering from the
horrible wound that he had on his side. Now, there is BoyCat.

Momma rescued him five years ago when she found him
outside after a storm.

She earned his trust, then trapped him (haha)…had his BoyCat marbles removed. Since she couldn’t have pets, he stayed with a friend of Momma. But, now that we have more room, Momma wanted her BoyCat back (apparently three boys isn’t enough).

We are all rescue kitties. Our paths crossed with Momma at different times, but in all four cases she opened her heart and home to us unwanted

Here, we are in the month of Thanksgiving.
But, it doesn’t have to be
November, and you don’t have to celebrate the holiday in order to be…give…or show thanks.

We are thankful every day that we have our Momma. Momma is thankful every day for us. She loves us so much!

When humans and animals
rescue each other, it’s a
beautiful thing.
We are trying not to be sappy. But, it’s that time of year.

We are just trying to remind all our furry and non-furry friends to always take a moment to be grateful and thankful for each other that you have.
Some people have human friends. Some don’t.
Momma doesn’t. We only have each other.
That makes us love each other more.

So, don’t forget to tell your human (or “pet”) thank you for being in your life.
Sayonara for now,

Yoda and CheezIt
(and Butter Bean and BoyCat)