Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
December 2018

Happy Holidays to all of our furriends!
No matter where you live, or what holidays you celebrate, we want you to know we love and care about all of you.

We already had an interesting holiday happening…Butter Bean flew into the Christmas tree, and knocked it over (don’t worry…he is ok).

Momma had a feeling something bad was going to happen because Butter Bean (and BoyCat) has never seen a Christmas tree before.
We (Yoda and CheezIt) lived with a tree last year….and slept under it like it was our own personal forest.
v Momma has a system to putting up the Christmas tree. It seems to work well…last year, anyway. First, Momma puts up the tree. She leaves it nakey with nothing on it for a week or two. That gives us nosey boys a chance to decide what we are going to do with/do to the tree. If all goes well, then she will decorate the tree in a “kitty friendly” way (no dangly things at the bottom).

This year, not long after the tree was put up, Butter Bean sneaked onto a nearby shelf, and tried to fly into the tree. He kinda bounced off the tree, and landed daintily on his feet, and went about his business. The tree was not so fortunate.

That is our Catmas Story for 2018. It is also the reason we have no Kitty Catmas tree this year. Thank you, Butter Bean. We hope you are more behaved next year!

Until next year,
Yoda and CheezIt (and BoyCat and Butter Bean)