Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
January 2019

Happy New Year to evereypawdy!

We hope that everyone had a great holiday no matter what one(s) you celebrate. We hope all our furriends got lots of extra toys and treats!
We hope everyone and their families have a super duper new year, as well.

Do any of you make what the humans call “resolutions”?

We heard our Momma talking about things she wanted to be different, and things she wanted to do in the new year. She’s not planning on a whole lot (Momma doesn’t do too much), but it got us thinking about what we want to do next year…the goals we have.

We really don’t have much of a concept of time (except for feeding time and naptime), but there are a few goals we have in general….

Yoda…To take off a few inches off his saggy tummy (in case he wants to go to the beach this summer)

CheezIt...To be able to keep his pantaloons a bit cleaner (he has trouble reaching those hard to reach spots)

BoyCat…To practice being more poised to show off his beautiful floof

Butter Bean…To find a new and more unique position to nap in

Collectively, our goal is to find a way to take up more space on Momma’s bed!

Til next month,
Yoda and CheezIt