Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
April 2019

Hi Furriends!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the new year! With this new year, we have been awarded a new title!
We are now official emotional support animals.

Momma’s doctor wrote and signed a fancy letter for her to keep forever. We are so happy to have been given this special distinction, responsibility, and title.
Unfortunately, we don’t get to wear a badge, a gold star, or a crown. We probably wouldn’t wear it anyway. We don’t even like wearing a collar. We just are not much for accessories…we are not very fashionable.

Even though we have a special letter stating our new, important title, we believe that every animal (kitty, doggie, horsey, fishy, piggy, etc) is an emotional support animal, in some way (regardless of being official or not) (regardless of being “owned” by a human or not).

All us companion animals show unconditional love and kindness to all the humans (the good ones) who interact with us. We can always tell when Momma is sad, and when she needs our help to feel better. We love to snuggle with her, give her purrs, and make her smile and laugh.

Momma is happiest when she gets to spend quality time with us. Then again, who wouldn’t want to spend time with four handsome gentleman kitties??
In return for our services, Momma always gives us some kind of treats. It’s a great system we have.

We love on Momma. Momma loves us. We make her feel better. She gives us treats, as well as lots of pettings and scratchings.

She knows who is in charge here (and it’s’ not her).

Yours Truly,
Yoda and CheezIt (and the other two)