Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
November 2019

Hi furriends!
Like we mentioned last month, we moved to a new home. It was so hard supervising Momma with all the packing and all the moving of boxes, that we had to take extra naps.

We still don’t understand how with all those boxes she had, she would keep shooing us out of and off every box we would claim. Humans have some nerve!

We are loving our new home. It didn’t take long for any of us (us cats, that is) to adjust to the move and new surroundings. We all have claimed our special napping spots as we had to get the important things out of the way immediately.

We even have a basement, too! It was kinda weird trying to figure out those things called stairs. But, once we got the hang of them, they actually became fun. UntilBoyCat hurt himself and fell off the stairs.
It turns out that his arthritis has gotten worse. He is on some pain medicine now. We can’t be mad at our brother BoyCat. We’ll just be mad at Momma. That’s just so much easier. But, then we get treats, and forgive her (temporarily). You know that cycle of cat distain for the rules humans impose upon them.

But, we do have a room full of boxes at our disposal. So that makes up for some things. So, our new home is working out much better than the last place we lived.

We will surely have lots of new adventure to tell you about.
Have a great November everypawdy!

Til Next Month,
Yoda and CheezIt