Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
May 2019

Hi Furrpals!
Over here in the Northern Hemisphere it is starting to be spring.

We kitties are so excited! That means Momma will start leaving the door and windows open for us to watch the outside critters again. We have been cooped up in this prison of a house for seven months. Well, not really cooped up (the windows have been open a few times).
Well, and it’s really no different than any other season. We are indoor kitties, and weather doesn’t completely affect us. So, by whining, meowing, and saying that we have been cooped up like jailbirds, is just our way of making Momma feel guilty. If she feels guilty enough, she might give us extra treats or something special.
We know how to make Momma feel sorry for us “poor little babies”.
Doesn’t everypawdy try to make their purrents feel guilty?? We know it’s not just us. Don’t lie. We know you all do that (at least once a week….admit it).
We give her sad kitty eyes. We make pitiful sounds. We open our little kitty mouths to meow , but nothing comes out (or we just squeak). We act like we are starving and deprived. We can’t believe it still works. Silly human!

Til next time,
Yoda and CheezIt