Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
June 2019

Hi Furrpals!

We hope everyone is doing good!
To those in the Northern Hemisphere, we hope you are staying cool.
To those in the Southern Hemisphere, we hope you are staying warm.
We found out that the squirrelies in our backyard tree had babies!
So the squirrel family consists of three parent squirrels, and four baby squirrels.
We have no idea how that many squirrels can fit into one tiny hole. They must be awfully squishy in there.
The babies must not be old enough to be scared of us because they will come right up to the door.
Sometimes we forget that there is a door between us.
We will jump to pounce on the squirrels…but smack right into the glass part of the door.

That happens with us and windows, too (trying to pounce on birdies).
They are brave and just tease us. They know we can’t get to them.
Those feathered rascals!

By next month we will have, hopefully, found a way to catch those critters!

Til Next Month,
Yoda and CheezIt
(and the other two)