Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
July 2019

Hi Furriends!
Our Momma was cleaning the other day, and found a surprise…and not a good one.

We got in some trouble, and had to hide for awhile. Momma was giving CheezIt some pills (prescribed by the vet) for a cough he had. Well, it had been a few weeks, and CheezIt still had his cough. So he had to go back to the v.e.t. This time he was prescribed a liquid antibiotic.

Momma was cleaning the other day. When she moved the couch to sweep the floor…there was a pile of pills! Oh no! That’s why CheezIt never got better. He was spitting his pills out behind the couch where Momma couldn’t see them! That little stinker! Nugget used to do that with the Benadryl pills Momma would give him. Now that CheezIt’s deception has been found out, he has ruined it for all of us! Now Momma is going to be extra vigilant when it comes to everything. We won’t be able to spit out medicines.

We won’t be able to hide toys under the stove and refrigerator (that’s a whole other story). We will no longer have our privacy because Momma is going to be keeping her eyes on us “naughty little boys”. Thanks a lot, CheezIt!

Have a great July, Furriends!
Til next time,
Yoda and CheezIt (and BoyCat and Butter Bean)