Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
August 2019

Hi Anipals!!
It has gotten so hot here recently. We hope all our furriends in the Northern Hemisphere are staying inside or in the shade where it’s cooler. For our furriends in the Southern Hemisphere, we hope you are staying warm.

Momma blocked off the good window with some big thing. It’s loud. But it has cold air coming out of it. That’s great, but that machine is blocking our view of the birdies and squirrlies!
Momma keeps the back door closed now, too. We haven’t been able to get it open ourselves. We’ve tried so many times. How dare she do this to us!
We have been attempting to plot against her, but haven’t had any good ideas. Everything we come up with, has already been done. We are just at a loss……

We have been spending most of our time sleeping on the floor.

There really is nothing to do. We’re bored with our toys. Momma won’t buy us new ones…she says we already have too many toys that we don’t play with. She would get bored, too, if she was stuck chasing after the same old mouse or ball every day.
We are protesting these wretched living conditions.
We have not been snuggling with Momma for weeks now. We have been giving her the cold kitty shoulder and the silent treatment.

These tactics, however, do not appear to be successful.
Back to the scratching board…..

Til we meet again,
Yoda and CheezIt