Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
October 2019

Hi Furriends!

Hi pals! Guess what… We got two more brothers!
Their names are Runt and AJ (we’ll tell you more about them later).

Momma must think that every time she takes in another kitty that means that the house gets bigger.
Sorry Momma! That’s not how it works. The only things that get bigger around here is us!
More cats. More food bowls. More food. That all equals fat cats. Well, except for Yoda, who does NOT like to take his thyroid medicine.

We are supposed to be moving to a new home soon.
We have been helping Momma pack up stuff. We are the bestest helpers.
We like to lie on the boxes to make sure they don’t fall over. Since we are getting bigger and fatter (due to circumstances listed above) it’s a really easy job!
We are SO good at it! So good, in fact, that we get extra treats!

It will be exciting to have new places to hide, new smells to sniff, new channels to watch on Cat TV.
We will have more room for more “houses”…especially after all the packed up boxes are empty!
We’ll have all new stories to tell. We may have to take turns story telling. That might be fun.
Well, we will figure it out. We are cats. We are smart.

See you next month,

Yoda & CheezIt