Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
January 2020

Happy New Year to our Furriends!

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season that was full of love, friendship, and family. That is what’s most important…more important than stuffs (although, stuffs is nice).
We sent and received lots of cards with our furriends. That is always so much fun.

This Christmas, Momma decided not to risk putting up a tree. It was probably the best decision she could have made. She knows us so well! We outnumber the tree and her both! There’s no telling what havoc we could have caused. There’s always next Christmas…lots of time to plot.

As for our newest and latest new year resolutions, we are not quite sure what to try and do differently this year. It’s hard when you’re a cat….and you’re purrfect. Let’s see….
Yoda needs to learn how to take his thyroid medicine every day. Whenever Momma tries to give him his pills, he either runs and hides or spits it out. He puts up some good fights, too. But over the years, Momma has developed some thick and durable skin….a few claw scratches don’t bother her.

He’s the only naughty boy. Well, that’s a lie. Butter Bean likes to pick on Yoda. But, Yoda picks on Butter Bean. So, they are the naughty boys. The rest of us are wonderful, pleasant, and well behaved. We’ll think on this resolution thing. See how January goes. Then go from there.

Til Next Month,
Yoda, CheezIt….. and everyone else