Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
September 2018

Hi Everypawdy!

Happy September!
Guess what? This is the new boy, Butter Bean. I have hijacked Yoda and CheezIt’s blog this month to introduce myself and say hi to you all.
Yoda and CheezIt’s Momma rescued me from the mean outdoors. She had been feeding me for a few weeks, and one day she saw me with an injury. Nobody knows exactly what happened to me…and I’m not telling.
Even though I prefer to be outside, I allowed her to bring me in to care for me. She took me to the vet, got me antibiotics, and has been caring for my wound.

Being inside, and being cared for is really starting to grow on me. I get to sleep and rest without being on guard constantly and get good food any time I want.
Plus, I get all sorts of toys!

I have been trying to get used to my new brothers. But it’s hard when you are used to having to fight for territory all the time. Yoda and CheezIt are nice boys. I have just been very crabby from not feeling well.
I have been making so many new friends. I feel so loved. I’ve never been so happy.

Make sure you tell your humans to be nice to every living thing they see. You never know when you are changing a life for the better. Plus, it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, knowing you’re doing good.

Until next month,
Yoda, CheezIt & Butter Bean