Yoda & Cheezlt's Blog
October 2018

Hi Fur Pals!
That time of year is upon us when the humans want to dress us in silly costumes, and put the camera in our face more than ever.
We cannot understand why the humans get some kind of amusement out of humiliating and degrading us.

It’s different, though, for doggies who are willing to please humans more than cats are. Dogs know that the treats are coming if they wear a costume well, and allow themselves to be paraded around for fun. Most dogs are naturally made better for costumes. They are bigger, have longer legs, and don’t care what their human asks them to do as long as they get a good amount of loving and goodies afterwards.

Most kitties are so much smaller than dogs. Most of us don’t have long dog-like legs. Since we are more compact beings, most costumes/clothing on us feels bulky (like a snowsuit). That is especially true for us bigger cats.
We are already hauling extra cushion somewhere on our bodies. We do not need more! Momma tried to put outfits on Butter Bean so he wouldn’t lick his wound…and he wiggled out of everything every time! He wasn’t having any part of it.

It’s easy for us to escape due to our flexibility. We have fur! We were not made for clothes (except the nakey cats and dogs) It’s true that some cats look good dressed up. That’s only because they are like super meow-dels…taller, thinner, better at walking the catwalk.

We don’t care about pleasing the humans to get treats. We just stare at them and use our powers of mind control.
This is our cat-ish observation of the Halloween season.

Til next month,
Yoda and CheezIt (and ButterBean)