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July 2020

Howdy pals!

As always, we hope that everyone is doing great! We can’t believe how crazy the world has gotten with only being six months into the year! What’s a kitty/doggie/birdie/fishy/bunny/whatever to do??

Sometimes we’re not too sure what to write about (and Momma is no help at all). We’re just simple cats, and our human is not one of the best and the brightest. She is not the greatest source of entertainment either. We could complain about Momma all day long…but then we would probably not get treats for a year (so don’t tell her we said that).

What is entertaining, though, are the squirrels that come and visit in our yard! We don’t just see the squirrels that live in our tree…we get to see squirrels from all over our street!
Apparently the other humans don’t feed them the way Momma does. Momma puts out a whole buffet for them outside! They get to choose from corn, peanuts, seeds, and the occasional fresh treat. There are squirrels that come from other yards, pick up a peanut, and run back home. It is so funny. They will also try to steal a corn cob and take it back across the street with them! They don’t always make it. Sometimes the cob ends up sitting in the road or another yard (until it gets picked over).

The other day Momma went outside, and there was a squirrel sitting up in the tree yelling at her! We think he was mad because all the squirrel snacking stations were bare. Once she put out an ear of corn he shut up.

Those critters are the worst when it comes to teasing us! They must know that there is a piece of glass in between us. Not fair! We are going to have to watch some spy movies to figure out how to cut a hole in that glass….cat claws aren’t sharp enough (just in case anyone was wondering).

Til Next Month Pals,
Yoda & CheezIt

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