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August 2020

Hi everyone!
We hope all of our pals are doing well, and that you have been able to get some alone time away from your humans!

We don’t know about you all, but our Momma is driving us bonkers! She won’t leave us alone! Usually we don’t mind when she is home. It was nice, at first (her being home more), but this is ridiculous! The woman, obviously, has no life beyond us.

While that is completely understandable (we ARE a big deal), she is smothering us. This must be what it feels like to be a celebrity…minus the money, fame, catnip, and sunglasses.
We are, however, grateful that she is not a crafty woman.…so she has not tried to draw our (beautiful) paw-traits or knit us any ridiculous costumes (we’ve seen what some of you have been going through with your humans over the last few months).

It is quite sad, actually. To be honest, it is very traumatizing when you realize what a disappointment and embarrassment your parent (human, staff, whatever you call them) is.

Nothing reveals the truth like being quarantined inside a tiny home with a someone. We have a teeny tiny house, so it’s really difficult….to get away from Momma when we want to.
Then, when we finallllly find a good hiding/napping spot, she wakes us up by yelling for us!

She knows we didn’t get outside. She just likes to be loud and annoy us.

Well, apparently, this turned out to me a long complaint about our Momma. We’re so sorry you had to read it!

Til Next Month, Friends,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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