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September 2020

Hi pallys!
We hope that everyone (human and animal) is doing ok and surviving the best they can in this crazy world. We were going to say that we hope everyone is surviving the heat of the summer, but we forget that some of you might live under the equator thing.

Momma says that if you live on top of that equat…whatever (like we do), that it is hot now. But, if you live under it, then it is cold now. We have no idea what any of that means, and don’t understand why the world is like that. It seems too confusing. The weathers should be the same everywhere. Just because…then it wouldn’t be confusing. Ok. We are getting ourselves too confused with trying to figure that out.

We have had the hot weathers here lately. We heard that August is called the “Dog Days of Summer”. We don’t understand that either. We are so confused by trying to figure out what that means. Dogs don’t just get hot. The kitties, and birdies, and squirrelies, and humans…they all get hot too! People sure do come up with lots of oddball stuff to say.

We don’t quite see how the human species has lasted so long…they are not always so very smart with things. They, obviously, need some help in the imagination and creativity department…or they need to come up with better words. They just need help all around.

Whatever the weather is where you are, we hope it is not too bad. It’s been hot here, but in about three months, it’s going to get very, very cold. Well, it’s supposed to be cold. Sometimes it’s not super cold, but only a tiny bit cold. We are never too sure what to expect. But, we stay inside, so it doesn’t really matter to us.

Momma always seems to worry about the outside animals when it is either too hot or too cold outside. We don’t quite understand that either (boy, we sure don’t seem to understand much at all)…because she has six very wonderful cats inside to take up her time and attention. She doesn’t have to think about any other “animals” except for us!
We need to work on her.

Maybe do some hypnotic therapy or talk to her while she is asleep or some subliminal stuff like that…make her a better human (well, a better staff member to serve us). Especially since she is our only staff member.
We have a lot to figure out now. Us talking has brought up a lot of questions we have to ponder.
Til Next Month, Pals,

Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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