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October 2020

Hello pals!
We hope everyone is doing great in their part of the world! We hope everyone is staying safe, and healthy, and staying cool…well, or warm, depending on where you live. We are coming into Autumn here, or so we have been told. Like that means anything to us. We don’t know those words. We’re cats! We really try to be multi-lingual cats…but that language that humans speak is mighty confusing to try and learn. Our Momma is the one having the task of translating from cat speak into semi international human language. We’re sure she messes up the translation, and that the true meaning of our words get lost. That would be “so her”. Back to the weather…. The other morning Momma had to turn the heat on. It was so cold inside (it was probably even colder outside).

This weather stuff humans are always concerned with really changes fast! Not that we’re surprised. That’s usually how it is around here. We are Chicago area kitties…and the weather here is predictably unpredictable. Maybe we should move somewhere with better weather. But, we don’t have jobs….so couldn’t afford it on our own. Guess we’re stuck with Momma.
Hot. Chilly. Wet. Hot. Hotter. Wet. Cold. Hot. Cold. Colder. It can be so annoying because it affects our squirrel and bird watching. However, the weather doesn’t really seem to bother those critters. Those squirrels will come out in a rain storm just for a few nibbles of corn! It’s actually pretty funny to watch…them slipping and sliding on the corn feeder thingy (which they have managed to bend because they are getting so fat from Momma feeding them so much)! How did we go from talking about the weather to talking about our nemeses, the squirrels??

Must be that ”stream of consciousness” way of telling a story. Apparently we take after our Momma there. Now, that’s one lady with a “stream of consciousness” that twists and turns!

Oh well.
Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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