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November 2020

Hi Furriends!
We hope everyone is doing super duper!
Here, it is starting to get cold. That is no fun! That means no open windows, and no fresh air.
We can still watch the birdies and squirrlies. It’s just not the same…we can’t smell that nice, tasty squirrel smell! That fresh air gives us some major zoomies, too.

But… Because it’s getting colder outside, Momma has turned the heat on. It feels so nice.
We take turns sitting next to the spots where the heat comes out.
Sometimes we even have to fight with Momma over a heating spot! But that’s understandable seeing as how she doesn’t have nice, soft, warm fur like we do.
We feel so sorry for humans sometimes….no fur and only two legs! We don’t know how they manage.

All of us in this house have got the sneezes, too!
For some reason, Momma doesn’t like when we sneeze on her. What does she want us to do…cover our nose??
We’re cats! That’s not what we do.
At least we (usually) cover up our litter box usage. We’re not completely barbaric!

Momma has been sneezing too. So we all gather around the vaporizer thing she puts out for us. It feels nice and warm too.
Plus, it smells good. Apparently, it is supposed to help us not sneeze. We’ll see.

Those holiday things are coming up too. That should be interesting! We hope everyone stays safe and stays healthy (human and “animal” friends).

Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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