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December 2020

Hello furriends!
Goodness Gracious!
It is already holiday time. We hope all our furriends have a great holiday season no matter what they and their humans celebrate.

Since humans aren’t supposed to travel this year for the holidays, we think that they should have to spend special, quality time with their furry, feathered, scaly companions. They should, also, have to buy us all lots of extra special presents…especially since we have had to put up with them being home more, and, therefore, invading our personal space and personal time.
It’s so hard going to the bathroom in private anymore. We know we’re great and fantastic. But, even the biggest celebrities like to poop in peace.

As for our holiday, Momma isn’t going to be putting up a tree this year. Actually, she hasn’t put one up for the last three years.
It is so disappointing not having extra stuff to destroy. It’s like she doesn’t want us to have any fun. What a horrible parent she is (MOL)! She deprives us of all the joys of cat-ness

Wow, we have had lots of conflicting statements, feelings, and emotions in these few paragraphs.
We’re cats. We can do that. That’s just how we are.

We hope you all have a wonderful Meowliday time! Whether you celebrate Catmas or Pupmas.(or anything else), we hope it’s fun!

Til Next Month (and year),
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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