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January 2021

Happy New Year, Pawsies!
We hope that everyone had a super holiday season, and found new and fun ways to celebrate together in your little pod/bubbley.

It was a perfect holiday to start some new traditions. One of our holiday traditions here has been Momma giving us special holiday treats on the special days. Well, we get treats all the time (although not nearly as often as we should). But on holidays we get extra special things we don’t usually get (because Momma says certain things are “too expensive”…whatever that means).

We get a few bites of turkey or ham. It is SO yummy. Then, after our eating tradition, Momma has her tradition of cleaning up the vomited turkey or ham that BoyCat leaves her. He does that a lot after having special treats. Momma doesn’t give him much for that reason. You can’t really NOT give him something…because he will just go take a bite of someone else’s. We’re sure he does it to irritate Momma. We all do it in our own individual ways. Runt runs and jumps on Momma when she sleeps. Runt also likes to sneeze right in Momma’s face. Yoda still tries to hide when it’s medicine time. AJ likes to rest his kitty butt on Momma when he sits by her. Those are the worst (and funniest) offences. MOL!! We’ll have to come up with some new things for the new year.

We need to keep her on her toes, and keep things unexpected. We can’t have her getting complacent. We hope that all our furriends (and their humans) have a super duper new year!

We hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe!
We love you all!
Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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