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March 2021

Hi Everypawdy!
Like we always say….we hope that everyone has been doing ok and staying healthy and safe. We hope that your humans have been feeding you properly, and have been giving you sufficient amounts of treats and toys. Hopefully they haven’t been driving you too crazy.

We don’t know how the weather is where you are…. But, here, it has been super duper cold! Brrrr…. Then, all this white fluffy stuff comes falling from and flying in the sky! We don’t know what’s going on! One moment we can see everything outside. Then, all of a sudden, everything is gone! All we see is all this white stuff. It’s everywhere! The squirrels didn’t even come out of their tree hole for, like, two days!
At least we don’t think they came out. Momma kept the curtains closed for a few days. She said it was to “keep the cold out of the house”. But, she was probably just saying that.
Who knows….she lies a lot. But…. We heard Momma say that it is supposed to be warmer soon.

Maybe she’ll let us look outside again then. We are so deprived!
She also told us that if the basement gets full of water when that white stuff melts, that we won’t be allowed down there. She said something about not having any life jackets, paw floaties, or canoes for us.
We don’t know what those things are…but, apparently, we need them for when there’s lots of waters. Hmmm…. Maybe that’s why we don’t like baths. We never have the proper equipment. Something new for us to complain to Momma about. Yay!

Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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