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April 2021

Hi Furriends!
We hope everyone has had a good year so far.

We have been keeping busy around the house helping Momma. She needs lots of help because she is…usually totally helpless.

The other day Momma went downstairs and discovered an ocean forming in the basement. She was screaming something about a water heater (whatever that is) leaking.

Humans and their weirdo stuff!

When we followed her to see what the fuss was about, she told us to go back upstairs. What a way to treat us when we were just going to see if we could help!

She has a lot of nerve! She told us that we couldn’t be down there because of all the water. She said we couldn’t be down there because we don’t have life jackets and don’t know how to swim.
Well, that’s her fault because she never wants to take the time to teach us how to swim. Doesn’t she know that’s essential to know??
Then she closes the door going to the basement and tells us we can’t go down there because of the mess. She was just being a big mean bossy pants (thinking she’s in charge and all).
Someone obviously had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed that day.
The next day some noisy people came over to fix the problem.
At least that’s what we were told.
We weren’t even allowed downstairs to supervise these people being in our home working on stuff. They must have done whatever they did right because we were able to go back downstairs later that day.

Thank goodness!

We’ve got some litter boxes down there, and sometimes we just want to poop in private without being spied on (that’s really uncomfortable).
It’s embarrassing, and makes it difficult to perform. Hopefully nothing else breaks any time soon.

Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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