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May 2021

Hi pals!
We have been invaded again by those creepy, black, crawly critters. Ants!!
We had a problem with them trying to take over a few months ago, but we defeated them! But they’re back again, trying to take over the house for themselves.
We can’t understand why they want this place. It’s too big for them.
How would they manage to take out the garbage, or get the mail??
They probably haven’t thought this through entirely. But, that’s their problem. Those buggers just don’t give up.
They have excellent military training.
They have an endless supply of troops. No matter how many you get rid of, they’re immediately replaced. Talk about determined! We’re not too sure why they are invading this time. Well, we’re never sure why they invade us. Must be bored.
There isn’t any food left out anywhere. Maybe they got evicted from their previous residences, and they’re just trying to see what’s on the market.
Who knows….. It’s funny, though, because they never go by our food bowls, which is a good thing.
We never want to share our food with each other, so we definitely would never want to share it with any other species…especially if they don’t ask first (that’s rude).
The ants don’t really bother us kitties at all.
They don’t interfere with our daily activities…like eating and sleeping. But (it’s so funny), they sure do irritate Momma.
Apparently they really like the bathroom. Maybe it’s where they do their best thinking. She’s always yelling when she goes in there.
Doesn’t she know that that’s pointless??
She’s not yelling in “ant talk”, so it doesn’t do any good. Hopefully they go away soon. Hopefully they don’t attack overnight while we’re sleeping, tie us up, and carry us off to their nest.
If you don’t hear from us next month…then the ants got us.

Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt

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