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June 2021

Hi everypawdy!
We sure hope everyone is doing good. It’s the springtime here, and it sure has been nice to have the windows open to get that fresh air smell. Does anyone else get the fresh air zoomies?? One whiff of it and we get puffy and go running and sliding all over the place. Fresh air is good for the old sniffer! Momma says we’re nuts. Not too sure what that means. But she laughs when she says it. So maybe it’s not a bad thing.

Guess what guys?? We are moving (again)! Momma says that it’s the last time for a long time. We hope she’s not lying because this thing humans call moving is very stressful…so much moving around, back and forth, going inside/outside, and all that stuff. She always tells us we’re in the way. Some nerve! There’s six of us. So, of course, one of us is going to be in the way. But, does she ever consider that maybe she’s in our way?? Plus, trying to supervise her to make sure she’s doing her job right…that’s very hard work. The only thing that helps us cope with the stress is all the beautiful boxes. It’s an endless sea of cardboard. It makes our hearts flutter. There’s nothing like laying on a nice, cool, brown box to calm your nerves. Well, unless you’re Butter Bean. He gets in trouble because he tries to eat the tape on the boxes. That is a no-no. But he doesn’t seem to understand. Apparently, Momma chasing him with a squirt bottle doesn’t mean anything to him. He’s just a tape addict. There’s no stopping him. CheezIt is just a box addict beyond all control. He drives Momma nutty because as soon as she sets up a box to start putting stuff in, he hops in and starts snoozing. Then she feels bad about moving him, so she just gets another box. So, next time we may have some interesting moving stories to share. Hopefully someone (human or animal) will do something stupid and worth retelling.
Til Next time,

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