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July 2021

Hi everypawdy!
We hope everyone is doing great. We hope you’re all staying warm or staying cool depending on where you are. The weather can never seem to make up its mind about what it wants to do.

It’s been pretty boring around here lately. There’s really nothing exciting happening.

Momma is sad because she hasn’t seen that tasty morsel…ummm, we mean that squirrel friend she had that would take peanuts from her. At least she can’t blame us for that. She’s always blaming us for something….like we’re naughty or something.

CheezIt had an adventure the other day. He met up with Momma and the clippers. The last two summers he has gotten some bad clumps in his fur, so Momma has decided to shave him when it gets bad. It’s only his back half, too. So CheezIt looks kinda goofy walking around with a furry top half, and a naked back half. She said she’s going to be looking into getting a better comb for him and his floof. It’s just weird because it’s just Cheezy that has the problem. BoyCat never has that problem with his floof. Well, since we said that out loud, we may have jinxed him. That’s usually how it goes.

We still haven’t moved yet. Momma has been saying something about a “work in progress”…whatever that means. Hopefully this all happens soon. We can’t very well schedule naps, sleeps, critter watching, etc when we have no idea what’s going on or where we will be and when. These humans…they think they have a more highly advanced brain function and thought process than us animals.
Let them just think what they like! Let them lie to themselves if it makes them happy.
Til Next Month,
Yoda&CheezIt (and the others)

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