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August 2021

Hi pals!
We hope everyone is staying safe…and staying warm or cool (wherever you are).

Guess what! We finally moved (July 11)! It seems like it took forever. That Momma of ours sure is slow. No wonder she never seems to get anything done! If you think your human is slow…well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Maybe she’s just been around us cats too long. She’s starting to develop our habits
The worst thing about moving is that we have to be put in those stupid boxes for the car ride there. Then, Momma sets us free, then runs off and leaves us for hours so she can get things done…because, supposedly, we’re in the way.

We hear that all the time. Don’t these humans ever think that maybe THEY are the ones who are in our way??? That is a typical human maneuver. They pass the blame off onto us poor, innocent little animals. They just refuse to accept responsibility.

We like our new home. There is a lot of space for us to run around and cause trouble. We miss our squirrel friends at the old place, though. We haven’t really seen any critters here yet. Hope we get to see some new snacks… FRIENDS (we mean friends) soon!

We will definitely keep everypawdy updated on the critter situation.
Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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