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September 2021

Hi everypawdy!
We hope that all are staying safe and healthy and all that good stuff. We always say that, but that’s just because we mean it.

We are doing good in our new home. We are happy to say that we have seen some more critters.

Momma put out some squirrel food, so they have started to show up. That’s been fun to watch. They just haven’t gotten as active or as close as our other squirrely friends used to. It’s just a matter of time, though (we hope). They are just so delicious…we mean adorable looking.

We have gotten a close up look of what Momma calls a chipmunk. It kinda looks like a squirrely, but smaller, a different color, and a shorter tail. Well, maybe it doesn’t look like a squirrely after all. Momma says it’s cute (we’re not too sure about that).

We also saw a little mousie! That was exciting. But, he was outside. So it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. He was nibbling on some food Momma put out for him. These little guys don’t stick around long, but it’s fun to stare at them when they’re around.
No birdies yet, though. That sure is disappointing. We put birdie food out and everything!

Maybe we need to make a sign so they know that it’s there. Hmmm…that might be a good idea! We’ll have her work on that.

We’ll have to keep you updated on the Critter Situation. We’re hoping it perks up a bit. It better!
Anyway, thanks for listening, pals.
Til next time,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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