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October 2021

How is everypawdy doing??
Yah, we don’t know why we asked that…because we can’t hear your answers.
Our kitty minds must not be working right due to lack of full food bowls and full bellies.
Speaking of full bellies… We have had some more critter action here lately. Thank goodness because we were getting bored with nothing to watch on Cat TV.
Momma put out foods out for the squirrelies, so we have finally been seeing some of them. But, it’s not like at our old place. The squirrelies here must be shy because they don’t come out too often. Hopefully we can make friends with them soon. We’ve still been spying on our Mr Chipmunk. He comes out to tease us all the time (how rude). He has a friend too…we’ve seen two chippymunks! They’re much smaller than squirrelies (they’re more a one bite morsel). Those little suckers are fast! Momma puts foods out for them too…just for us so that we can see them. At least she’s always putting our mandatory needs first. We need to be entertained properly, or she would have to suffer the consequences (which would be random hairballs and vomits everywhere).
We have even started to see some birdies! The birdies we see are either huge black birdies, or tiny hummingbirdies.
Those big birds are kinda scary looking….and those tiny ones you can hardly see. We actually haven’t seen those teeny tiny birds.
Momma says they’ve been flying around. But, she’s not “all there”, so she could very well be making that all up for all we know. You know how those humans can be.
They can be so untrustworthy and unreliable. How can you trust a creature that tells you that they threw a ball, but you can plainly see it in their hand behind their back?? Such liars! On that lovely note…
Til Next Month,
Yoda & CheezIt
(and the others)

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