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October 2021

Hi pals!
We had a minor tragedy a few weeks ago. One of our scratching posts was destroyed! It was destroyed by non-other than the smallest of our group…Runt!!

We’re not sure of the exact circumstances, but it just tumbled over in half as soon as Runt jumped off of it! It’s a cat-tastrophe, we tell you (couldn’t resist)!!

But, it lasted a long time. It served its purpose. But it was the perfect scratcher. It was the right size and everything. Momma can’t get a new one where she got the destroyed one (because they don’t carry it all the time). So she has to wait til they have them again. She better buy a whole lot of them (so we have lots of back-ups). Runt obviously doesn’t know his own strength! It’s amazing that he doesn’t blow the house down when he sneezes!

So, she has been trying to find a similar one to what we had…and she has failed miserably. Of course, we expect nothing more or less from her (she is a human, after all). She got us two that are too short for us to even stretch on, and only one has a little seat for us! Don’t know what she was thinking there. Then, she got us two that are tall enough for us to scratch, but it doesn’t have a seat for us to sit on! Those two came with a little toy ball on a spring...and we instantly showed our disgust by ripping it off immediately.

She shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions because she is so incompetent. But, she is a human after all. None of them can do anything right. Well, except for feeding us. But, even then, they don’t do it properly (because it’s never as often as it should be).
Hopefully things improve….
Til Next Month,
(and the others)

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